Play NBA Live 18 Tip-Off Events

  • Oct 24

    NBA Live 18 celebrates the start of the 2017 – 2018 NBA season with all-new Co-op Live Events. Here’s how it works:

    From October 16 - October 24, team up with your friends online and face off against each starting five from the NBA teams playing this week. For each game (listed below) you and your team must play a series of games to 11. Complete the entire live event each day and you'll win NBA Team Warmup gear for your player. Stay tuned for the events later in the week as they will offer additional XP bonuses to help boost your skills.

    Here are the featured events:

    October 17

    Celtics @ Cavaliers

    Rockets @ Warriors

    October 18

    Heat @ Magic

    Timberwolves @ Spurs

    October 19

    Knicks @ Thunder

    Clippers @ Lakers

    October 20 - 23

    East Team Heroes

    West Team Heroes

    October 21 - 24

    All-Star Prediction